SACE (South African Council for Educators) has introduced a mandatory CPTD programme for all registered teachers at South African schools. The programme came into effect in January 2014. Courses endorsed by SACE earn Professional Development (PD) points.

Under the aegis of SAQI, Dr Richard Hayward does such courses. The provider number is NG10838. Certificates are issued by the Institute. Six activities done by him and endorsed by SACE are:

1 An introduction to Total Quality Education (TQE)
Duration: 8 hours
PD points: 10
The workshop is an adaptation of the best principles and practices found in the business, industrial and other professional sectors. The TQE model identifies five core pillars common to Quality schools. The course shows the application of each pillar in the context of the school.

2 Challenges of leadership in a Quality School
Duration: 4 hours
PD points: 7
In this workshop there is a study of different leadership styles as well as three major challenges that confront most leaders. The management of change, complaints and maintaining sound relationships with the School Governing Body will also receive attention.


3 Influential leadership levels and types

Duration: 90 minutes

PD points: 5

An ability to adapt leadership styles to influence learner and staff behaviour will be discussed. The programme looks at seven levels of influence. There will be an analysis of the requisite skills and values of effective influencers.

4 ‘Klagtes! Complaints! How may we help you?’
Duration: 1 hour
PD points: 7
The very best and the very worst of schools have to deal with complaints and difficult parents!  In the Quality school complaints are seen as growth opportunities. The presentation looks at how Quality schools turn the complainant into a satisfied customer.


5 ‘Should I leave teaching? I’m so demotivated?’
Duration: 1 hour
PD points: 5
There are teachers who have stayed in the profession for thirty or forty years … and happily too! Ten self-motivation strategies used by happy and live-wire teachers are shared. The workshop will put the ENO-effervescence back into your teaching!


6 The kids are hell. What can I do?
Duration: 1 hour
PD points: 5
There’s no such thing as the class that is always perfectly well-behaved class (unless it’s under a reign of terror!). Yet there thousands of teachers who generally have happy, hard-working classes. Their simple yet most effective discipline strategies are discussed.

Richard Hayward is a former principal of two public Gauteng schools. For more details, please contact him on or 011-888-3262.
Poor schools are sponsored.