Quality Education

Quality schools help children become quality citizens. These citizens create a quality society.

SAQI believes that every South African school has the potential to be a place of educational excellence. Money is not essential to create such a school. All that is needed is dedication, hard work and ‘know how’.

A team of quality practitioners and educationalists have designed a Quality in Education model for schools. It’s a ‘know how’ guide based on best practice found worldwide. When used in a school, quality is achieved.

The model has five pillars. They are: Values, Leadership, Improvement Plans, Communication as well as Tools and Techniques.  Each pillar is crucial to the building of the quality school.

Details about each of the pillars can be obtained by downloading Quality Education News (QEN). This quarterly online newsletter gives guidelines to schools that are on the quality journey. Each four-page newsletter has practical tips. The newsletters may be downloaded by going to the SAQI site of www.saqi@co.za. Otherwise, go to www.MySchool.co.za . At the bottom of the page, click on ‘QEN’.

The Learning Channel of SABC1 has teamed up with SAQI to televise programmes on school leadership and management. Some programmes have already been flighted. These programmes are currently available in DVD format:

  • Refilwe Primary School – the story of a quality school
  • Pillars of a Quality school
  • Values – the first pillar
  • Leadership – the second pillar

Each of the above DVDs cost R250 (including packaging and posting).

The Human Values Foundation in the United Kingdom has an exclusive licence agreement on their material with Dr Richard Hayward of SAQI. Their copyrighted material may be bought at cost (including packaging and posting).

Books and pamphlets

  • Education in human values: course manual for primary pupils (cost: R115)
  • Lesson plans (for ages five to twelve) 1 – 3: Truth , Love and Peace (R310)
  • Lesson plans (for ages five to twelve) 4 – 5: Right conduct, Non-violence (R245)
  • Social and emotional education (SEE): course manual for secondary students (R110)
  • SEE: Lesson modules for volume 1(for ages 12 to 14)   Cost: R310
  • SEE: Lesson modules for volume 2 (for ages 12 to 14)  Cost: R320
  • Education in human values: Programme-parents’ booklet (For parents of children aged 5 to12)
  • Education in home values: Home learning unit. (For parents of children aged 5 to 12)
  • All photocopying is done in black and white.


  • Education in human values: a collection of  songs for 5 to 12 years to accompany lesson plans
  • Music for reflection
  • Manual for primary schools: Lesson plans 1-5
  • Manual for schools and colleges: Learning modules Volumes 1
  • The cost per CD is R250.


  • An introduction to Education in Human Values : a programme for primary schools
  • A training DVD for Education in Human Values: a programme for primary schools.
  • The cost per DVD is R360.  The material may be ordered from Richard Hayward (details below).

SAQI has school-based leadership and management programmes. Poor schools are sponsored in terms of workshops.  For more details, please contact Richard Hayward on 011-888-3262 (www.rpdhaywad@yahoo.com)

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