In line with SAQI’s career path development programme aimed at improving the understanding of Quality concepts to all our quality delegates, SAQI takes pleasure in announcing its National Quality Week theme for 2018

National Quality Week:  5 – 9 November 2018
World Quality Day:  Thursday 8 November 2018

Theme for 2018:

Changing the Mind-set of Quality

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This theme was inspired by one of our member organisations last year that adapted our 2017 theme to “Quality is… my responsibility”.

In order for South Africa to move forward as a nation we need to understand the concepts of quality. These concepts start with doing things right the first time and not having to rely on basic inspection when we don’t. We can then progress to improving our Quality Control activities and setting improved Quality Assurance standards. However, our mind-set needs to change before we set our sights on Organisation wide Quality Management and Organisational Excellence.

We are amazed when we speak to non-Quality practitioners about what we do that most of them only view “Quality” as Quality Control and usually think that Quality is the responsibility of someone else or at best the Quality Control department.

We need to change the Mind-set of Quality and address these attitudes towards product and service delivery including operator and staff level right up to executive management level.

Quality is everyone’s responsibility. 

So we call on all our members and associates to make a special effort to support this year’s program.

SAQI will be happy to publish the plans and any events that our members will put together to celebrate our National Quality Week activities. We look forward to hearing from you all.

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