SAQI takes great pleasure in announcing its theme for

National Quality Week

that takes place from the 8th to 12th November

with World Quality Day falling on the 11th November.

Creating a Total Quality Society  

© SAQI 2021

Most successful organisations over the past decades have utilised Total Quality to improve their performance. In Japan they used the principle of Total Quality Control and in the West they used the principle of Total Quality Management. The term TQM has often been critisised for failing to deliver on its promises compared to the Japanese approach. Why was this?

The main difference we believe is that Japan has a culture of a Total Quality Society.

We believe that before we can truly say we have sustained Quality improvement we must ensure that the society that we operate in understands what quality means.

How do we create a Total Quality Society?

We act and talk Quality principles in the workplace, with our customers, our suppliers, at home, in our schools and in our all our interactions with family and friends.

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