Individual Application Form

Categories of membership

Associate membership:  This category is open to any individual who is serious about quality or who would like to start a career in quality.

Senior membership:  This category is for individuals who have a qualification or have been working in the quality field for more than 5 years.

Benefits of Individual membership

  • Ten issues, February to November each year of our electronic journal that is filled with feature articles that keep you up to date with advancements in the field of Quality.
  • Access via a unique log on and password to our partitioned website to gain downloads from our library of Quality information and templates.
  • Access as a paid up member to our SAQI social media groups on LinkedIn and Facebook
  • A discount for members to attend the SAQI annual Quality conference and special rates on Quality forums. Discount is calculated based on membership category.
  • A unique SAQI membership card to show your commitment to Quality.
  • Access to the SAQI help line via email, telephone or social media for advice from quality experts on quality issues.
  • Access to job opportunities by placing your CV on the SAQI website vacancies page free of charge.
  • Access to a range of networking opportunities with other role players in your sector on request to SAQI.
  • Access to other quality practitioners through our marketing network.

We partner with Proudly South African, SABS, SAATCA, NMISA and various SETAs. SAQI is also on the quality standards development working groups of SABS Audit and Conformity Assessment, ISO 9001 new development, Quality in Education group, the Tourism group, the Statistical Techniques group and the ISO 9000 Fundamentals and Vocabulary group. SAQI also sits on the Quality Management and Conformity Assessment Board at the Services SETA.

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