About us

SAQI’s approach to Quality 

At SAQI we believe the Quality approach is the foundation for South Africa’s economic success and a better quality of life for all our people.  Our priority is to promote Quality awareness in all South Africans and to influence the general public to expect quality in products and services and to spontaneously include quality in all their activities.

South African Quality in a Nutshell

The word quality brings to mind terms such as inspection, process control, auditing, standards and ISO 9000. While quality indeed includes these principles, it also includes, for example, management systems and continuous improvement, customer satisfaction and market focus, teamwork and the well-being of employees.

These principles are all critical to success, whether in health care, education, manufacturing, the service industry or the public sector. Quality is the critical success factor in competitiveness, especially when doing business internationally. So where do South African companies look for direction in establishing and maintaining Quality principles in their organisations? Is there an umbrella body that co-ordinates the national quality effort under one roof? The answer is “yes”: the South African Quality Institute (SAQI).

SAQI is committed to promoting quality in all fields of human endeavour by providing Quality awareness, leadership principles, products and systems.  We support business and industry as well as emerging entrepreneurs, healthcare and education.

Quality in South Africa today is facing a new and exciting future. It will move away from the hands of the quality specialists to the public domain of operators, managers, entrepreneurs and educators.  Consumers will also play an influential role.  As traditional trade barriers fall, they are replaced by internationally recognised quality systems such as ISO 9000 certification and environmental management systems (EMS). As a result quality becomes not only a business imperative but an essential life skill that is as fundamental to the success of individuals and companies as literacy and numeracy.

SAQI’s mission is to play a leading role in establishing and sustaining a national quality infrastructure that serves our economic system and make all South African trade competitive locally and internationally.

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