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SAQI’s approach to Quality

At SAQI we believe the Quality approach is the foundation for South Africa’s economic success and a better quality of life for all our people. Our priority is to promote Quality awareness in all South Africans and to influence the general public to expect quality in products and services and to spontaneously include quality in all their activities.

SAQI's quality training pathway

SAQI Certificate in Quality Control (Level 2) SAQI Certificate in Quality Assurance (Level 3) SAQI Certificate in Quality Management (Level 4)

SAQI membership

SAQI offers membership to to large organisations and SMMEs.

SAQI Publications

SAQI's monthly electronic newsletter with news and views on quality issues.

Quality in Education

In collaboration with SACE, SAQI offers a wide variety of workshops designed specifically for the education sector.

SAQI upcoming events 2020

SAQI 21 days lockdown

Dear SAQI Members & All Training Delegate

We all have heard the President's address to the nation with regards to the COVID-19 situation last night. For most of us, the reality is sinking in, and I assume we are all probably preparing ourselves for the 21 Day Lock-down as was communicated last night.

It is truly unfortunate, but we believe necessary, and we (SAQI) will ensure that we play our part to the best of our abilities. It is for this reason that we send out this communiqué, to inform all delegates that have registered to complete the SAQI development programs in March & April, of the suspension of classes.

We however ensure you that we are already re-organizing the SAQI training program, and will communicate with you as soon as this situation is over. SAQI would like to reassure you, that we will resume classes as soon as possible after the lifting of the 21 day lock-down period.

SAQI wish you and your family a safe and peaceful time during this period, and would like to see all of you back in our classes in due course.

Jacques Snyders

Managing Director, South African Quality Institute

SAQI - recently published

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