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SAQI’s approach to Quality

At SAQI we believe the Quality approach is the foundation for South Africa’s economic success and a better quality of life for all our people. Our priority is to promote Quality awareness in all South Africans and to influence the general public to expect quality in products and services and to spontaneously include quality in all their activities.

SAQI's quality training pathway

SAQI Certificate in Quality Control (Level 2) SAQI Certificate in Quality Assurance (Level 3) SAQI Certificate in Quality Management (Level 4)

SAQI membership

SAQI offers membership to to large organisations and SMMEs.

SAQI Publications

SAQI's monthly electronic newsletter with news and views on quality issues.

Quality in Education

In collaboration with SACE, SAQI offers a wide variety of workshops designed specifically for the education sector.

SAQI upcoming events 2019

10 February - SAQI Certificate in Quality Control for Manufacturing

17 February - SAQI Certificate in Quality Control for Services

Registrations are now open! Contact Angel for more information or to register.info@saqi.co.za

SAQI AGM - 26 February

Full information will be sent to SAQI members. Not a member yet? Visit the membership section on our website to find out how to become a company or individual member.

SAQI - recently published

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